Retaining Wall Installation in Minneapolis, MN

Sitting walls and retaining walls are functional landscape design features that also serve to accentuate the beauty of a property. At Sculptured Earth, we create attractive wall features of natural stone, boulders, and modular materials in order improve and maintain your property's visual appeal.

Sitting Walls

Sitting walls add comfort and aesthetics to outdoor living spaces. Allow us to create an attractive wall for you and your family to use as you enjoy the nature world around your home.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls restrain soil so that landscape builders can shape and mold the grounds of a property as needed. With excellent skill and workmanship, our landscape construction team builds quality retaining walls to bring your landscape designs to life.
Sitting wall - sitting walls in Delano, MN

Quality Landscape Designs

The landscape design team at Sculptured Earth offers years of experience creating gorgeous landscapes that attract the eye. Through the use of retaining walls and sitting walls, we can reshape your property into a work of art. Call us today at 763-354-0517 to schedule a design consultation.